Here the Sound(s) of Heaven
a sonic writing by Marc Hyland (2013)

It’s not what you think and it’s more than you thought it would be. It’s all you’ve ever heard, all you’ve never heard and all you’ve ever dreamed of hearing, all at once. Your most beautiful nightmare, maybe ? Still, laughter is part of it, along with the inevitable tears, all laced up with every possible variation in noise, temperature, texture, sight, smell and taste, as well as unpredictable specimens of this disappearing species we know less and less about, silence.

Don’t even try to shut off your ears with wax or skin or even concrete, in some effort to distance yourself from this Enchantment. Once it lets you in and enters you in full Surround, it will never leave you, just the way every vibration that ever entered your body, ears and brain will never cease to resound on the inner screen only you (for the time being) have access to : quiet hymnals played on mute organs at dawn, morning dances spelled on rusty reeds, feverish mid-day group chantings, burning afternoon Byzantine instrumental beatitudes, asymmetrical Happy Hour breakthroughs in beat, lavish baroque dinners incensed by live electronics, organic rhythmic mysteries held around dusk as preludes to long tone ecstasies until, once again, everything turns into sweet simple songs that try to keep still as daylight slowly lets itself into your ears and mind, degree by degree, angle by angle, tone by tone, shade by shade, harmony by harmony, timbral nuance by timbral nuance, until you realize you’re nothing short of a full orchestra with innumerable choirs and extended live acoustical treatment, no part of which, I tell you, will ever demand a union break, because there’s no pause down here and nobody ever gets that kind of a break, unless you can imagine Oedipus tearing out his ears for having loved (or hated) Sound too much. Who should ever shut down the divine capacity for the hear and now ?

Look through your eardrums, look on the other side, it’s all there, the ceremony you dreamed of : heaven is hear, hark hark, the glitch is great, the day is hear, a perpetual sonic postcard. You don’t have a choice. No one has a choice. There’s no way out but to listen, let it all in, let it all sink in, ugly and beautiful, true and frightening. To Heaven is to Hear. Hear the Here now.